ATOS have 3 types of canopies
" Weather Proof - Sound Proof -Super Sound Proof-Ultra Sound Proof"

Atos is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of all types of set acoustic enclosures. These canopies are offered for different generators having different specifications, specifically designed to provide properties required for your needs and to comply with demanding international standards and customer specifications   " weather conditions and/or different sound levels"
In Atos we use the best steel cutting technology to ensures product shape, composition and surface quality. Using the best Insulation material, layers of Rock Wall covered with PGF, Paint with electrostatic painting to resists weather conditions, rust, humidity & dust.
The design has the advantage of low installation time, quick access to the generator set for major maintenance, integral weatherproofing, two side doors with Heavy duty special locks with keys, Provision for illumination inside enclosure & glass window panel viewing. Our sound proof canopy can cover up to 65 db / 1 M, most of our acoustic enclosures are completed at our factory and are ready to go directly into service. Each acoustic enclosure installation is treated individually. Site evaluations are carried out to determine the type of enclosure required

    (1)    Exhaust system output
    (2)    Hot air flow output
    (3)    Anti-Vibration base
    (4)    Emergency Button
    (5)    Control unit with display screen
    (6)    Output cables slot
    (7)    Oil discharge slot
    (8)    Lift hooks
    (9)    Alternator maintenance slot
   (10)   Fuel input slot
   (11)   Removable Airflow input Unit
   (12)   Portable fuel tank unit
   (13)   Portable fuel tank unit slot

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