HYBRID Solution (DEIF)


Designed specifically to serve as a reliable, fully integrated and optimizing link between sustainable power plants and genset power plants, DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Controller, the DEIF ASC, is a new, market-leading solution for the industry.
The main purposes of hybrid plant are to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance intervals and CO 2 emissions.
The system is available as a Power Management or stand-alone solution for retrofits or existing plants.

* Power management solution
- ASC-4 applicable with AGC-4/AGC 200 controls up to 32 gensets
- ASC PM appl. with AGC PM controls up to 32 gensets
- Applications up to 16 sustainable power plants
- Minimum genset load for optimal performance
- Spinning reserve to ensure uptime
- Maximize sustainable power penetration
The DEIF power management automatically optimizes the number of gensets connected
to the busbar. In plants with different size gensets, the system even rotates the gensets
automatically to ensure the most fuel-optimized genset match in accordance with the
load request

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